Hello Team

Your expertise is needed for the new website.  In the new site, there will be pages that will be allocated to the SEARCH types that are specified below in each question. 

Hoping that each of you can add a perspective on what makes each search different, harder and easier from your perspective. This is a process that you own and I am looking for your thoughts.  Use your language to identify the strengths and the weakness that you face when finding candidates for each type of search.

If there are other factors outside of the type of search, perhaps geography is tough or the salaries are not high enough in a certain type of search, could you please reveal?  I will share all of this knowledge in a future meeting.  Much appreciated and thank you in advance. 

Deadline: Friday, July 28th, 2023 at 8:00 AM          |        If you don't have an answer, use N/A. All fields are required! 🙂

This form is Expired. Please contact me if you need to add more to your thoughts. AM

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