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Finalizing Your Executive Candidate Pool

Finalizing Your Candidate Pool

Providing you with a thoroughly qualified candidate pool for your executive position is just the beginning of Ciresi & Morek’s recruitment process.

Interview Candidates

We assist in interview coordination and scheduling with perspective candidates, working hand-in-hand with clients to structure every aspect of the meeting.

We also prepare candidates for the interview by explaining the position and company details, so that they can have an informed discussion with you. After each interview, we debrief the candidate and client, allowing us to provide immediate and value-added feedback.

Provide Post-Interview Support

Following the interview, we discuss each candidate, providing guidance on which to pursue. We have similar discussions with the candidates to determine their reactions and whether they would like to move forward with the interviewing process.

Throughout this entire stage, we are in close contact with both you and the candidates to proactively identify any problems that may prevent a successful search completion.

Check References

Once your top candidate is identified, we work with you to customize a reference and background check that meets your company’s needs.

Prior to completing an employment offer, we compile a confidential reference report from conversations with individuals who are qualified to comment in-depth and discreetly about the candidate. We strongly suggest clients conduct their own thorough reference checks before hiring a candidate as well.

Ciresi & Morek will also assist with your negotiation and post-recruitment needs. To learn more about these steps, visit our Negotiation and Post-Recruitment page.

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