Laying the Recruitment Groundwork


Working with Ciresi & Morek to find your perfect candidate means a tailored recruiting experience every time. To lay the groundwork for a successful relationship, we work from day one to understand your position needs, company culture and internal processes.

Understand Your Recruiting Needs

To start, we develop a thorough understanding of your organization, attraction factors and hiring needs. The better we know your company, the more accurately we can match your selling points to a prospective candidate’s motivations.

We identify the skills and personal attributes needed for success within your organization, in addition to the basic responsibilities, reporting relationships, education and experience required for the position. We measure each candidate against these standards to ensure a good hire.

Recommend Search Strategy

Based on our understanding of your current recruiting need and our ability to complete your search in a timely manner, we will recommend either a retained, contingency or custom search.

Retained recruitment clients agree to a set initial fee for services provided in exchange for a mutual commitment to perform according to pre-set objectives. A comprehensive, continuous search is employed based on a deep understanding of your company culture, and position skill and personality requirements, to find a successful long-term fit.

Contingency searches have zero upfront commitment with no performance guarantees. Candidates are identified based on job description requirements, with limited involvement from Ciresi & Morek during the screening and negotiation stages.

Custom searches are designed to meet specific client needs and budgets.

After we have determined the most fitting search strategy for your needs, Ciresi & Morek will work diligently to locate and deliver the perfect candidates. Visit our Delivering the Perfect Executive Candidates page to learn how.

Find the
right candidate