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Delivering the Perfect Candidates

Delivering the Perfect Candidates

Once Ciresi & Morek’s recruitment experts have laid the groundwork for your recruiting needs, we will work diligently to place the highest caliber candidate resumes on your desk.

We have a recruitment method for delivering qualified candidates.

Match Top Executive Candidates

Through our recruiting efforts and reputation, Ciresi & Morek has accumulated 100,000+ profiles. Our network and reach allows us to create a targeted list of qualified candidates. We then qualify and present candidates based on fit and function.

Recruit and Assess

Initial contact with selected individuals is made in a direct and confidential manner. After reviewing background information, we conduct in-depth interviews with the most promising candidates to further evaluate qualifications, personality and compatibility with your organization’s culture.

We spend considerable time getting to know each candidate’s personal and career needs to determine if the opportunity is the right fit for both parties. Only those candidates found to be both qualified and genuinely interested in the position are recommended to the client for an interview.

Present Candidates

Clients receive detailed candidate profiles, including a chronological resume that summarizes accomplishments, compensation information, and an assessment of the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses against position specifications.

After presenting the best candidates, Ciresi & Morek’s team will help you finalize your candidate pool. Learn how by visiting our Finalizing Candidates page.

Find the
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