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Ciresi & Morek Testimonials 

"Robert and the Firm is the best I have worked with, no comparison to anyone else!!!"

- Dan B., Plant Manager at Kennametal

"Thank you. I must say it was a great experience working with Ciresi and Morek thru this process. Benjamin Evans was a great help in securing this position at DMS. The communication was great, the information to prepare me for the interview was outstanding, and I had all of the information I needed to make an informed decision on taking this job."

- Dwayne K., Advanced Manufacturing Engineer at Detroit Manufacturing Systems, Inc.

"Robert was outstanding - as usual. I have nothing but positive comments regarding Robert's handling of my recruitment."

- Bob E., Human Resources Manager at MAGNA

"It's really was the best experience I have ever had getting a new position. The position took a little longer to open as expected but [Curt] Judy did an excellent job communicating with me and keeping me motivated about the great opportunity. The coaching and encouragement couldn't of been better. Again overall it was the best experience I have had."

- Brent H., Plant Manager at Aunt Millie's Bakeries 

"Aaron is awesome. He was extremely supportive throughout the entire process. Please note, I was with my previous employer for the past 23 years. Meaning my interviewing skills were outdated. Aaron helped with that, we even did a test run between him and I. It was so helpful! I sent Aaron a thank you email. However, I truly cannot thank him enough. He is for sure a great asset to your organization."
- Jerome M., Operations Engineering Manager at MAGNA 

"Over the past couple months I have worked with Joe Monteiro. Joe did an outstanding job understanding my strengths and past experiences, then put me in front of a few great companies that fit what I was looking for. The way he continued to communicate with me through each step of the process, made this transition much easier to go through."

- Heysam S., Center Manager at Detroit Manufacturing Systems, Inc. 

"Richard did a awesome job at helping me gain a position at Mercury Plastics. He was very thorough at walking me through the the recruitment process. He gave me advice, encouragement and followed up on every step I took. He was in constant contact with me on days, evenings and even the weekends. I highly recommend working with Richard, he found a perfect fit for me!"

- Matt P., Continuous Improvement Manager, Mercury Plastics

"I am excited to start my new position!  My experience was great! I appreciate all of Aaron and Robert's help throughout the entire process. They were very thorough and I can't thank them enough for their insight and encouragement.  They answered all of my questions in a timely manner and always got back to me when I reached out to them."

-Holly F., Senior Buyer at Dayton Superior

"I was contacted by Aaron Zupan about this opportunity. He was great to work with and quick to respond if I had questions. Walked me thru the process and has a good sense of humor. Everything went as expected and he negotiated a great deal. I would recommend you guys to anyone!"

-Bill K., Maintenance Manager at MAUSER

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