How to Get Hired: Candidate Resources


Getting hired for an executive level position can be a fulltime job in itself. It requires research, time and dedication. That’s where Ciresi & Morek can help.

We partner with candidates to fully understand their interests and find the right positions for their qualifications. We’ll work directly with you to assess opportunities, prepare for interviews, navigate salary and benefit conversations, and debrief afterward. There is no detail too small for our team.

And we’ve got proof that we find the right fit for our candidates: 92 percent stay in their positions after the first year.

Below, you’ll find resources to help advance your career.

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Step by Step: How to Write an Interview Follow-up Letter

By Robert Ciresi May 31, 2018
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A follow-up or thank-you letter is an essential piece of the interview process. In some cases, it may even make or break your chances of getting the job—if there is…

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What to Expect in an Executive Interview

By Robert Ciresi June 14, 2018
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Whether you’re moving up from middle management or making a lateral C-suite move to anew industry, there are some crucial aspects to remember about an executive interview. Executives are often…

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Is it Time to Resign? 3 Things to Consider

By Mark Morek May 25, 2018
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Resigning from your job can be an emotional and stressful decision, but it’s usually the right one. People choose to leave their jobs for a number of reasons, but one…

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6 Things a Recruiter Looks for in a Resume

By Robert Ciresi June 28, 2018
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Though you spend hours fine-tuning your resume, research shows that recruiters will typically spend only 6 seconds reading it. As executive recruiters, we see thousands of resumes—and more often than not, the resumes in…

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Don’t Make These 4 Interview Mistakes

By Mark Morek June 20, 2018
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Once you’ve started to navigate the open job market, polished your resume, and applied to positions of interest, the most important step is on the horizon: the interview. We’ve conducted and…

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How to Avoid Pricing Yourself Out of a Job

By Mark Morek July 6, 2018
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During a job search, the question of salary expectations will eventually arise. For most interviewees, this is an uncomfortable conversation. Negotiating a competitive compensation can be tricky, and one obstacle…

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