When to Hire an Executive Recruiting Firm

Executive recruiting firms can be excellent assets to your company. Not only do they take the time to develop an intimate understanding of your organization and its needs, executive recruiters can become trusted business partners that help you reach your hiring goals.

But how do you know if your company needs the services of an executive recruiter? There are a few questions you can ask yourself to determine if you should seek out a recruiting firm.


  1. Start here: Are you looking for an “outsourced HR” person? If the answer is yes, an executive recruiter may not be the best answer for your needs. The best executive recruiters work hand-in-hand with an organization to understand all they can about the company, its unique culture and its hiring requirements. They will conduct periodic calls to update you on their progress and should be positioned as more of a partner in your success, not an outsourced department who operates completely independently.
  2. Do you feel that you’ve exhausted the available talent pool? This is often a reason organizations tap into executive recruiting firms. The best recruiters have built proprietary databases of thousands of executives who are seeking new opportunities. On top of that, they have strong relationships with gainfully employed individuals who aren’t actively looking for job openings, but could be just what your organization needs. An executive recruiter they trust can engage them in a discussion about that possibility, opening doors to candidates you didn’t know existed.
  3. Do you have a confidential opening you’re struggling to fill? You may need to confidentially seek new candidates for sensitive circumstances. Hiring an executive recruiter is a great option for filling a confidential search because they have access to large talent databases and don’t need to widely advertise an opening to find the best candidates.
  4. Is your organization entering into a new market, be it geographical, industry, or otherwise? This is the right time to lean on the expertise of an executive recruiter. While you’re an expert in your company’s particular vertical or niche, major growth could require hiring for a skillset you’re unfamiliar with. Executive recruiters have experience in a range of industries and positions, and can offer the advice and expert opinions you need to expand into a new space with a new employee.
  5. Do you have a unique hiring need and aren’t sure how to approach it? This is where a top executive recruiting firm can really shine. Remember, executive recruiters have years of valuable experience recommending top candidates for positions that suit them perfectly. Not only can an executive recruiter advise you on your hiring needs, they can conduct a custom search that is built just for your organization. Expert advice paired with personalized service is a combination executive recruiters can offer.

Hiring on your own can be a time-consuming and frustrating process. Plus, the cost of hiring the wrong person can be astronomical. Make the correct hiring decision the first time with the help of an expert executive recruiter.


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