What’s the Best Way to Recruit a New CEO?

A new CEO could be the most important hire your company makes. The CEO sets the tone for a number of initiatives across the business, including:

  • Overall business strategy
  • Annual goals and planning
  • Company culture
  • Major corporate decisions
  • Communications between the board of directors and the employees

The wrong choice in CEO can heavily impact all aspects of the company. According to a Glassdoor survey, employees most strongly correlate their approval of a CEO with their own overall satisfaction, their satisfaction with senior leadership, and their satisfaction with career opportunities.

That’s certainly a lot to be responsible for. So how can you be sure you’re recruiting the best of the best for your CEO opening?


While many HR professionals have had success recruiting and retaining a new CEO for their companies, this is one position where an expert executive search firm can make all the difference.

Recruiters identify candidates that are uniquely qualified for your needs. Here’s why recruiters have a distinct advantage in the search for a new CEO:

  • The best recruiters have built up a massive, proprietary database of contacts with executive experience whom they can call upon. Many in-house HR experts don’t have this type of reach.
  • They are extremely experienced in matching candidates to businesses based on personality, skillset, relevant experience, and other important factors.
  • They have a deep knowledge in a wide range of industries. This is helpful because sometimes, the best executive candidates may move from one industry to another. Recruiters can identify similarities between past experience and future job requirements—even if they’re in different sectors.
  • Recruiters act as an extension of your business. They’ve worked with many different companies to place a range of executives, and they know what questions to ask to reach the heart of what your business needs in a new CEO. They’ll learn about more than just the job requirements, focusing on the ins and outs of your company along with the black-and-white details of the open position. With this skill, they can better identify the best CEO candidate.


The experts at Ciresi & Morek have years of experience placing top executives. Our successful placements range in industry, type of position, and location.

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