The Ciresi & Morek System: Start With a Stellar Network

This is a three-part series about the factors Ciresi & Morek focuses on when finding and placing the right executive candidate in an opening. Want to hear more information straight from us? Contact us today.

When you use an executive recruiter to fill an open position, they will typically present you with a list of potential candidates you can sort through, choose from, and interview. Have you ever stopped to really think about where they are pulling those names from?

For an executive recruiter, the more candidates they know, the better. That means a larger variety of people to recommend for their clients’ job openings. But unfortunately, many executive recruiters opt for quantity over quality. In other words, they curate huge lists of candidates, utilize impersonal means—like keyword searches on their resumes—to select them for job openings, and do not put a great deal of thought into what actually makes these people strong candidates for a particular position.

Ciresi & Morek has a unique advantage over executive recruiters like these: quality and quantity in our network. After a collective 70+ years in the executive recruiting business, we have built a deep, diverse network of more than 100,000 candidate profiles. And we have put in significant time over the years to continually curate this vast list of candidates.

Our substantial network is the key component of beginning a successful executive search. And there is a strong differentiator that sets our network apart from the rest.

An Exceptional Network Comes Down to One Thing

At Ciresi & Morek, our network is built on the foundation of relationship building. We are not just collecting names and storing them in a database. Instead, we are building genuine relationships with each candidate in our network—executives we have placed in new positions, and others we have gotten to know over the years, never placed, and stayed in close contact with.

There are a few ways we build meaningful relationships with our network:

  1. We interview people for who they are, not the position they might fit in. When we meet a new candidate or catch up with someone we have known for years, we do not start with conversation about a specific position. Instead, we get to the heart of the candidate themselves. We learn about their ultimate career goals, likes and dislikes, and what brings them true satisfaction in a job.
  1. We ask the tough questions. Once we have a strong foundation with a candidate, we are not afraid of an in-depth questions that force them to really think. Here is an example: We spoke with an executive during the economic downturn who was willing to put his house on the market and relocate for a new position. Unfortunately, the economic climate meant his house was worth hundreds of thousands less than when he purchased it. Until we pushed him to really consider the consequences of taking such a hard financial hit, he had not truly considered what it would mean to relocate at that time. Even though he would have been a fit for the position we had open, we wanted to ensure that he had the information necessary to make the best decision for himself.
  1. We look for long-term solutions for our candidates. Caring personally about our network does not just mean having conversations. Sometimes, it means leading them to an option that makes more sense in the long term, even if it is tough to swallow in the short term. We sometimes talk with highly experienced, highly qualified executives who are out of work. They may want to take a position they are over-qualified for just so they can begin work again—but that just means they will swiftly move on to the next, better opportunity when it arises. Not only does this perpetual change create career instability for the candidate, it puts the hiring company in a tough position.  Realistically, everyone loses. Part of maintaining a great network is leading candidates to understand the grave downsides of only considering short-term fixes.

Would You Like to Join Our Network?

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