The Ciresi & Morek System: Our Unique Approach

This is a three-part series about how Ciresi & Morek approaches executive search. You can see part one here. Want to hear about our process straight from us? Contact us today.

Ciresi & Morek’s deep network of diverse candidates is unlike any other in the executive recruiting world. But maintaining meaningful connections with those talented people is only a part of the search process.

When it is time to focus on potential candidates for a client’s open position, we rely on our unique process that is years in the making. Our experience has allowed us to refine each step, meaning we can typically produce outstanding candidates within the first few days of a search—while still customizing each search for a client’s specific needs.

Want to learn more? We have broken down each step below.

1. Determine Your Recruiting Needs

We start by understanding exactly what a client is looking for. What is the desired outcome?  Is the client  hiring for a transformational role? A growth role? What does the ideal candidate need to do in the first three, six months or year into the new role?

Questions like these help us develop an understanding of the hiring company and their needs.

From there, Ciresi & Morek will recommend the search strategy that is best for our client. Each search is unique, we do not take shortcuts, each role is properly assessed prior to finding the best candidates for our client’s current opportunity. Our searches can be either or all of the following—retained (a comprehensive, continuous search), contingent (no upfront commitment or performance guarantees), or custom (designed to fit special needs).

2. Match The Best Candidates With Your Open Position

Next, we evaluate our network of candidates to determine who would be the best fit for your company. We speak with many of individuals within our multiple networks, obtain background information, conduct interviews, and present who has the skill sets necessary to fulfill the work. Ciresi & Morek is an extension of our client’s human resources department, therefore we look for candidates that will be a good fit for our clients; not just a job description match. We use computers, but we can guarantee that a computer is not scanning your resume to find a match, we review each resume to find a candidate’s value.

Ciresi & Morek is known for asking the tough questions from the outset to determine if a candidate is right for a position. Part of this is telling someone when he or she is not the best fit and explaining why. Open conversations like this are a big part of efficient, effective searches.

With our list of top candidates, we deliver profiles on each individual. We include resumes, compensation, and our professional evaluation.  Then, it is time for a formal introduction.

3. Assist With the Interview Process

When our clients are ready to begin interviewing candidates, Ciresi & Morek coordinates and schedules the interviews to make the introductions as seamless as possible.

We also ensure that our candidates have essential information about the position and company, allowing them to show up well-informed and ready to have a meaningful discussion.

After interviews, the support does not stop. Not only do we debrief with our clients to learn how each candidate performed, we talk to the candidates to get feedback on the interview process. This is another time when we may need to have uncomfortable, but necessary, conversations. If the candidate had a poor interview, we will coach them through what went wrong and how to improve for the next opportunity. But if the candidates have negative feedback about the interview style, the job expectations, or other factors, we will work with our clients to bring these issues to light and solve them.

When it is all said and done, our process leads to a well-qualified candidate. These candidates have been through an informative and efficient interview process and are one step closer to fulfilling our client’s critical role —faster than many other executive recruiting firms.

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This tried-and-true process is part of the reason many of our candidates return to us as clients. Want to experience it for yourself? Contact us today to talk about your hiring needs.


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