The Ciresi & Morek System: How Each Party Wins

This is a three-part series about the Ciresi & Morek system for finding and placing the right  candidate for a job opening. Click here to see part one and part two. Want to hear about our system straight from us? Contact us today.

Finding the right candidate for a job opening can be a high-stakes process. It helps to work with an executive search firm that acts as a partner in securing the best talent for your job opening.

When you have managed the entire search process correctly, the end, which can breed stress and negativity, is actually a smooth transition. At Ciresi & Morek, our executive recruiters act as an intermediary between client and candidate the whole time, ending the search on a high note for everyone.

Learn how we work with clients and candidates to reach a mutually beneficial search result.

We Help Clients and Candidates Reach an Agreement

A common misstep among hiring companies and lesser experienced executive search firms is to save discussions of compensation for the end of the search process. This leads to misaligned expectations from both client and candidate, and can completely derail an agreement.

At Ciresi & Morek, we have honest conversations about compensation and other pieces of the final agreement from the outset. This includes matching an individual with a company culture, ensuring everyone truly understands the abilities needed for the job, and more.

In this manner, we can help both parties manage expectations and avoid wasting time. And when the final, essential steps of presenting an offer and negotiating arise, it is a smoother, more positive process. A win-win.

Nobody wants to start a new hire relationship in a negative light. We prepare our candidates and clients to understand that from the outset, communication is key.

Ciresi & Morek Focuses on the Gold Standard

After a candidate is placed in their new position and has had an opportunity to get used to the job, we will follow up to ensure 100% satisfaction.

From the initial contact to the placement of a candidate, Ciresi & Morek focuses on serving our customers with unmatched excellence.  We lean on a deep network of contacts, which we cultivate and maintain through meaningful relationship-building.  Once the search begins,  we focus on the specific needs of the search, it’s all about asking the right questions – even when they are difficult conversations- to manage expectations.  In the end, we create a balance between the best fit for a candidate, the needs of a client, and the most successful long-term solution for all parties.

If there are discrepancies, we work diligently to correct the situation. We will always do whatever we can to keep a good client and candidate, which is why almost all of our customers return to us for future searches.

We want to preserve our relationships with clients and our network by doing the right thing and going above and beyond to ensure satisfaction. Following what is in a contract is key, but preserving relationships is the gold standard.

Are You Ready to Work With a Reputable Executive Recruiting Firm?

Ciresi & Morek has a 98% repeat customer rate for a reason: With us, there are no surprises. From building a stellar network based on relationships and personal care, to executing on a tried-and-true search process, and ultimately finding an “everybody wins” solution, we serve our customers with unmatched excellence.

To learn more about our capabilities and experience the expertise and authenticity that can create results for your company, just reach out.

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