The 5 Best Executive Job Search Tools and Resources

It’s no secret that finding your next job can be stressful, but with the right tools and resources, it’s an opportunity to propel your career and earnings.

Below are the top five tools and resources to help you find the right opportunity, get hired, and hit your desired salary mark.


Your resume is often a recruiter’s first impression of you. Within six seconds, a recruiter has decided if you are worth bringing in for an interview or moving to the “no” pile. Take your time to craft the perfect resume that will get you to the next round.

This post outlines the six things you must do to get your resume recruiter-ready:

  1. Include your complete contact information.
  2. Detail your work history in reverse chronological order.
  3. Provide necessary information on education and credentials.
  4. Keep it to an appropriate length and style (no more than two pages for very experienced executives.)
  5. Be strategic about the content you include, using powerful action verbs and perfect grammar and spelling.
  6. Align the details of your resume to the job description.

Does your resume check each of these off the list? Read each in-depth if you have more questions. 


It’s long been said that the best job opportunities aren’t posted. Search for industry-specific networking events and conferences to build relationships and refine your executive image. Then, follow these tips from CIO:

  • Find a mentor outside your circle.
  • Tap your network for real-time engagement and feedback.
  • Push your comfort zones.
  • Network even when you’re comfortable.
  • Create a talent pool.
  • Give back to your network.
  • Don’t worry about closing a deal.

With the right preparation and commitment, networking can be the gateway to your next big opportunity. 


To remove some of the leg work of the job hunt, consider an executive recruiter.

Executive recruiters are the best resource for a job search because they’re experts at placing candidates with the right companies. They act as an extension of the hiring companies, so they can answer any questions and help prepare you for the interview.

It’s their job to have in-depth knowledge about a wide array of industries and the companies they partner with, so you have an “in” at multiple potential employers.

Want to work with an executive recruiter? Submit your resume today. 


So, you made it to the interview. Now what?

The Complete Guide: Interview Tips for Every Step of the Process is a resource designed to help you prepare for, perform in and expertly follow up on your interviews. This guide is helps candidates position themselves at the top of the list.

Treat this guide like a checklist to help relieve pre-interview anxiety and ensure you are ready for each step of the process; from how to research, to what to bring, to writing the perfect thank you note.


Salary expectations are bound to be part of the interview process. There is a fine line between pricing yourself out of the job and undervaluing your worth. If you are relocating for a new position, a cost of living calculator is the best tool to ensure you are well-researched.

Insert your information in a few different calculators and factor in your lifestyle needs. If you are single, the cost of living can be vastly different than if you’re married with children.

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