Quick Tip #2: The US unemployment rate is at 4.0%.

Candidly I have never seen a job market like we are experiencing in my 20+ years in search.  Now more than ever do companies need to be diligent in not only their hiring processes but more
importantly their onboarding processes.  Like it or not, candidates dictate the process, quite a reversal compared to 10 years ago when companies controlled the process.  Good companies not only attract Good Talent, they screen and onboard them properly.

Here is a sample of what we are experiencing in 2022, similar to buying a house, the inventory just is not there.

Numerous offers accepted, only to be rejected based on competing offers or counteroffers, cannot blame candidates.

Customers suggesting, “why should we interview more candidates” only to find out those candidates are
interviewing with other companies.  Interview until the job is filled and the candidate arrives on their first day.

“I accepted the offer, however never heard from my future boss, not the company I want to work for.”  Yes this happens, offers are made, offers are accepted, however the onboarding is minimal.  I strongly suggest to anyone reading this, it is not only HR’s role to properly onboard someone, it is the Hiring Managers responsibility to confirm not only the start date, but more importantly someone will start and they feel COMFORTABLE with the process.

I am not speaking as a disgruntled Headhunter, I love what I do, just thought wise to share what I see every day.

Last tip, trust me on this; LinkedIn is a very powerful tool, everyone is connected to everyone.  Daily, people contact me to ask “Hey I noticed you are connected to John Doe, what can you tell me about them?”

Bad news travels faster than good news, treat people with respect.  Treat people fair & honest, reply to an email, reply to a text, answer your phone…It works for me.

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