Quick Tip #1: Better Opportunity Response

I have been in search for 20+ years. In those 20 years, I have interviewed tens of thousands of candidates, placed quite a bit as well.  Each interview & placement is unique, however what is not unique is why someone may be searching for a new role.  More on that later.

I start every interview the same, “Why are we chatting”, response “Better Opportunity”. After 20+ years, I have no idea what that means, hence why I ask more questions as a follow up. What does “Better Opportunity” mean to you? Silence…….

I suggest answers, “more money, more responsibilities, dislike of management” this is when the conversation starts, someone’s REAL answers allow me to assist them. Not only for perhaps the role we are interviewing them for, but more importantly for future roles Ciresi & Morek may secure. I would rather get to know you and your aspirations compared to simply trying to configure your resume into a job description.

Last but not least, and perhaps the most important Tip I can share with you. More money, more responsibilities, dislike of management can be addressed with your current employer IF you present it wisely and your employer listens, understands and does something about it. If you are a manager, wouldn’t you like to know an employee is unhappy compared to them resigning? I love my role, love helping those find new roles, however at times…I suggest to those I interview, talk to your boss before you chat with me. your phone…It works for me.


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