One Simple Way LinkedIn Can Set You Apart From Other Executive Job Searchers

Executives seeking a new job usually have vast, impressive experience. To reflect this, they’ve likely refined their resume and optimized it to catch the eyes of hiring managers and recruiters alike.

However, there’s one detail many executives forget about, and it could cost them the job.

It’s imperative to match your LinkedIn profile to your resume. This is a significant safeguard—here’s why.

Why Your LinkedIn Profile Really Matters

Most executive competition is on LinkedIn and future employers are scouring the site to locate executive candidates who’ve applied to open positions.

Here’s the proof: According to LinkedIn’s Economic Graph Team, 154 million American workers have a LinkedIn profile, and Forbes reported that approximately 45% of LinkedIn users are in upper management—positions like managers, vice presidents, and directors.

Furthermore, LinkedIn’s Economic Graph Team also reported that more than 30,000 companies in the U.S. use LinkedIn to recruit employees.

With that in mind, take the key step of matching your LinkedIn profile to your resume.

Here’s a Simple Trick to Stand Out in the Hiring Process

A recruiter’s or hiring manager’s first step after seeing an impressive application and resume is to look the person up on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is a gold mine of information, including:

  • If the candidate has any mutual connections.
  • The candidate’s detailed job history.
  • Any relevant education details.
  • If the candidate received endorsements for certain skills.

So, to stand apart from your competition and confirm your resume’s details for the hiring manager, update your LinkedIn profile to match your resume. This is an extremely simple step that makes a huge impact on your candidacy. If your LinkedIn profile is outdated or incomplete, the hiring manager or recruiter is more likely to move on to another applicant.

Don’t let this one misstep cost you the job.

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