One Powerful Way to Attract Top Talent

You know your company is a great place to work. You have a smart, driven team, you reach annual goals, and the business is successful. So why can’t you seem to recruit the top talent you’re looking for?

It could have something to do with your company culture. If you have a great company culture, are you promoting it widely? Sure, you know that the team enjoys Friday happy hours to unwind after a long week—but candidates would love to know that, too. Some of the best companies in the world openly advertise their culture, and it’s what makes the best candidates line up for a shot at an interview.

Promoting your culture isn’t complicated, but it could be the one change that draws the talent you’re looking for.


To show potential candidates how enticing your company culture is, start with a few simple steps:

  1. Train your employees to talk about the culture. Whether it’s a laid-back managerial style or an emphasis on embracing failure, encourage your team to talk up your culture when they speak with business partners or even friends and family. Allow them to put it in their own words and share what it means to them, but if they struggle, provide talking points. Your employees are your best word-of-mouth advocates.
  2. Share culture moments on social media. Leverage the power of an active social media presence by sharing photos that display your culture on your company LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages. Maybe open and honest communication is a big part of your culture—share a snapshot of your morning meeting with a caption about communicating together as a group. These types of posts go a long way in establishing your culture for those outside of your office.
  3. Update your website with culture highlights. Social media isn’t the only place on the web you should feature your culture. Look for opportunities to let your culture shine on your website. For example, maybe you could include a unique question for each employee to answer on their team page, like “Which of the company’s core values means the most to you?” This type of information shows viewers what’s important to your employees, and top candidates will want to be a part of the team.
  4. Include culture information in job postings. What better way to make candidates aware of your company culture than to talk about it in a job posting? Even if it’s a few brief lines about your unique employee benefits or a call for candidates who thrive in a knowledge-seeking environment, the right people’s eyes will light up— the people who will fit on your team.
  5. Utilize an expert executive recruiter with an eye for culture fit. This is perhaps the most powerful way to harness the power of your company culture. The best executive recruiters understand that culture is a huge factor when matching candidates with employers. They have rich experience in asking the right questions, determining personality fits, and ultimately recommending candidates who will get excited about and thrive in your culture. Find a recruiter who takes the time to understand your culture and your needs, and you’ll have no trouble hiring top talent.


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