Onboarding is a Leader’s Effort


Conversation I just had……

Me: Hey X, did you call Y (his new hire) and welcome her to the team?

Hiring Manager: (Obvious and too long of a pause) Mark, that’s an awesome idea!

Me: (Eyes bulging out of my head) Really, how do you not know this?

HIRING MANAGERS — Add it to your playbook. When someone accepts your offer – CALL THEM. Welcome them to YOUR team. Although HR is usually responsible for onboarding, this new person is reporting directly to you.  Make them feel welcome and sell the ‘Love’.  I would also suggest you reach out to them a few days before they start to ask if there are any other questions they have and reinforce how you are looking forward to working with them!!

Might even help with preventing “Ghosting” or “No Starting” —

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