Mary Barra

In 2013, Mary Barra became the highest-ranking woman in the Automotive Industry by becoming General Motors’s Senior Vice President for Global Product Development.   With an Engineering Degree & MBA,  Mary began her career at GM as a Staff Engineer in 1990.  Throughout the years, Mary held many roles at General Motors, from Executive Director of Engineering to heading plant operations as a Plant Manager, Mary made and continues to make a huge impression at General Motors and the in the global automotive market.

Born in Detroit and a 2nd Generation GM lifer, Mary has led the 2nd largest auto manufacturer (Toyota is #1) through difficult times and now, which are innovative and transformative years ahead.

During the pandemic, GM closed its automotive operations and lead the country by manufacturing ventilators for all the nation’s hospitals.  With a new product, Mary was able to produce enough ventilators in what she now calls “ventilator speed” to fill the demand during the height of Covid-19.  Therefore, Mary’s goal to have General Motors compete with Tesla in the EV (electronic vehicle) market by 2025 is attainable.

By 2025, GM will introduce the GMC Hummer as an electric truck. Not only will GM introduce the Hummer, but General Motors is set to add $27 Billion Electric Vehicles to the global market.

To learn more about Mary Barra and her ability to steer the 2nd largest automotive company in the world as though it’s on rails, click here.


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