Marillyn Hewson

In 2013, Marillyn Hewson became the first female chair and CEO at Lockheed Martin, the largest aerospace defense contractor in the world.   With a Bachelor of Science, Business Administration degree and a Master of Economics from The University of Alabama, Marillyn began in 1983 at Lockheed Martin and worked many roles of various responsibilities to become the President and Chief Executive Officer in 2013.

Under Marillyn’s leadership, Lockheed Martin entered the helicopter industry by purchasing Sikorsky in 2015.  From Marillyn’s LinkedIn profile, it looks as though she has retired from Lockheed Martin as the Strategic Advisor to the CEO in February 2022. Congratulations, Marillyn!

Marillyn has been recognized by multiple publications in the past 4 years.   Fortune, Time, Forbes and Chief Executive Magazine have recognized her amazing contributions to the aerospace world, not only by leading Lockheed Martin in large profits, but expanding Lockheed Martin’s footprint across the globe.

There is so much to learn from Marillyn, but unless you are in the Aviation and Aerospace world, Marillyn’s name may seem unknown, but she is legendary once you do know.

To learn more about Marillyn and her essential work while at Lockheed Martin, we found an interview on her take of the new administration in 2017, click here.


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