Make Sure Your Executive Recruiting Firm Does This One Thing Before Starting Your Search

Meeting your executive hiring goals could be the key to moving your business on a positive trajectory. However, most businesses do not have the benefit of a large network of known candidates to choose from—and it can be even more difficult when the job opening is confidential. Additionally, not every company in need of a new executive has on-staff human resources personnel to expertly navigate the hiring process.

These are excellent opportunities to hire an executive recruiting firm for a retained, contingent or custom search. But before you start a search  with any executive recruiting firm, you should make sure they are willing to talk about success metrics.

Has Your Executive Recruiting Firm Talked Metrics?

Before your executive recruiting firm begins a search, ask about success metrics or key performance indicators (KPIs). A reputable executive recruiting firm will define success metrics before beginning work, then use them as benchmarks throughout the process. And as the client, you should always have complete transparency into the search progress.

Example success metrics include:

  • Procuring a certain number of candidates within a pre-determined time frame.
  • Recommending a candidate to hire by a certain deadline.
  • Ensuring the candidate hired remains at your company for a certain amount of time.

Why Are Metrics Important?

It’s important to set success metrics or KPIs before beginning work so your hired executive recruiting firm is held accountable during the course of the engagement. When you, as the client, have a benchmark to refer back to, you can ensure your executive recruiting firm is working diligently on your behalf.

Additionally, it level-sets the relationship when you and your executive recruiting firm agree from the start on what “success” looks like.

By discussing this important aspect at the outset of the relationship, your executive recruiting firm can act as a partner in reaching your hiring goals.

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