How to Impress Your Executive Recruiter

If you’re an executive who’s perusing the job market, odds are, you’ve thought about working with a recruiter. Perhaps you’ve even been approached by one about an open position. But how can you be sure you’re impressing the recruiter and staying at the top of their mind?

The first step is to understand exactly what an executive recruiter does.

The basic function of an executive recruiter is to identify high-quality candidates and match them with current job openings where they would excel. Recruiters partner with and get to know companies and candidates, which gives them expert perspective into which individuals would be the best fit for which companies.

Here’s how to show your executive recruiter that you’re the right fit for a great position.


Your executive recruiter has in-depth knowledge of your industry, the job market, and the companies you’re interested in. Use him or her as a resource and engage them in conversation about these topics to stand out as a top candidate.

Some candidates assume that they’re better versed than recruiters in what companies want. Such an attitude leads to an unsuccessful partnership—and rarely does it result in landing an excellent position. In fact, most recruiters have longstanding relationships with the companies they work with and valuable insight into not only what the hiring manager needs, but also what the company values most in a candidate.

Focus on having an open dialogue with your recruiter to set yourself apart from the rest and gain important information about hiring companies.


To show your upstanding character, it’s vital that you’re completely honest with your recruiter—plenty of candidates are not.

For example, if your recruiter approaches you about an opportunity, be transparent about having other interviews lined up. Any recruiter will appreciate you saying, “I’ve invested three weeks of interviews with a different company, and I’d like to see it through,” as opposed to avoiding them or acting like there are no other opportunities on your radar. This type of insight into your job search could actually assist a recruiter, as they can leverage your progress with one company into landing new interviews quicker.

Additionally, you should be honest about the positions you’ve already applied for. Even if you think going through a recruiter will get you a better shot at a position you’ve already indicated interest in, it makes the recruiter look like they haven’t done their due diligence.


Communication is the cornerstone of any good partnership, and appropriate communication will impress an executive recruiter.

The best way to communicate with your recruiter is to maintain a balance. Don’t pester them, but give feedback after an interview. During a more long-term job search, don’t call daily, but instead, touch base as necessary or when the recruiter requests it. More specific dos and don’ts are below:

  • Do reach out when you find an open position of interest on your recruiter’s website.
  • Don’t send your resume to each recruiter in the firm.
  • Don’t declare that you’re “the perfect fit for this job.”
  • Do express your interest with a softer approach, like, “I think I’d be a fit for this, are you open to discussing with me?”
  • Do look to your recruiter as a coach, and be “coachable.” Ask about job search strategies, the interview process, and after an interview, ask for any feedback the company provided the recruiter about your performance. Also, seek their guidance on how to transition out of your company in a classy way.


Job searching with an executive recruiter’s help gives you a leg up on the competition. Are you ready to work with one of the experts at Ciresi & Morek? Submit your resume today.

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