How to Find an Executive Level Job in a New City

Hunting for a job is usually not an easy task. The struggles are multiplied when you’re searching in a new city. Before moving, you’ll be traveling for interviews and negotiating from a distance. Then, relocating (perhaps with a family)—it can be a big undertaking.

If you need to relocate and find a new job, use these tips from the expert recruiters at Ciresi & Morek to ease the burden.


Searching for a job in a new city can take time, and it’s best not to rush the process. To find the best fit, take your time researching companies you want to work for. Luckily, there are simple ways to do this from afar. Consider:

  • The best companies in the area, including their local reputation, any regional awards they’ve won, and where employees typically come from. (Other local companies? All over the world?)
  • Neighborhoods you might want to live in, and the potential commute time to your most desired workplaces.
  • Individuals in your network that live and work in your target city and could make connections to your top-tier companies.

The more time you spend informing yourself about the area and its companies, the better off you’ll be in the next stage of the process: interviews.


Interview processes typically start with a phone interview and progress to in-person. While distance may require video chats instead of in-person meetings, we recommend trying to meet face to face if possible.

Meeting interviewers in person makes it easier to build a connection with them, and you may get other perks, too, like a tour of the office or an invitation to lunch, where you can continue getting to know potential future coworkers.

If you’re going to be traveling to your new city, make the interviews worth your time by:

  • Asking for informational interviews at other companies. It’s best to meet as many people as possible in the short time you’re there.
  • Similarly, search for local networking events to attend. Building a network will not only make it easier to find a new position, you’ll have professional connections to meet with once you move.
  • Explore the city. It’s never too early to start walking around neighborhoods, seeing available apartments or homes nearby, and familiarizing yourself with the area.


Some people, when searching for a job in a new city, act like they already live there. They may use a friend or family member’s address on their resume to dissuade employers from thinking it would be a hassle to relocate someone. We don’t recommend this practice.

It’s best to start off your relationship with your new employer on a truthful note. If you’re the right candidate for the job, employers will typically do whatever they can to have you as a part of their team.

If you think the employer will be concerned about where you live, make it a point to mention any family or friends you already have in the area—show your interviewer that you have a network in place and there is a vested interest to move there.

Additionally, we recommend carefully researching the cost of living and projected moving costs when it comes time to negotiate salary and benefits. Then, talk with your future employer about a relocation package.


Executive search firms are experts at placing candidates in the right job, whether it’s around the corner or across the country. They know the inner workings of hiring companies and can help you put your best foot forward in interviews, taking one more stressor off your plate. Contact Ciresi & Morek today to speak with an executive recruiter, and view our Active Searches to see if we’re placing candidates in your new city.

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