How to Define Your Company Culture for More Effective Hiring

Regardless of your company’s industry, culture is a huge factor in attracting and retaining the best employees. According to Gallup, companies stand to increase revenue by 33% just by creating a culture that attracts top talent. Conversely, 38% of employees in the workplace express a desire to leave their jobs due to a toxic culture, according to Ranstad.

If you’re hiring executives, it pays to have a clearly defined culture you can point to in the recruiting and hiring process.

But what if yours isn’t so clear? To start defining your company culture and using it as a selling point, there are three questions to ask.


  1. What’s your company’s “why?” According to business and leadership expert Simon Sinek, your “why” is the thing that instills a sense of purpose in your business. Before determining how you do anything, you should know why. It should also inspire your company’s leaders, ultimately trickling down to the employees and the customers.
  2. Is your culture a cohesive message? Look around at the messages your company shares about your culture. Are your core values documented? Are they parallel with your ultimate mission? Does the mission contribute to the overall vision? It’s vital that these messages align. Also, consider the implicit messages your company sends employees. If your core values, mission and vision all revolve around infusing fun into every work day, your producers probably shouldn’t be forced to sit in stuffy cubes inside an uninspiring office.
  3. Does everyone show they understand the culture? If you asked any employee their opinion on the culture, would their description be the same as yours? Does your entire team know where the company is going? And most importantly, do everyone’s actions fall in line with your culture? If any of these are not true for your company, the culture hasn’t permeated your business and is more C-suite idealism than reality.


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