How Surveys Lead to Better Business Practices – Part One

Conducting a survey is an excellent way to learn more about your customer base or target audience. Depending on what you ask, you can collect crucial data to help you make business decisions. For example, customer feedback can help you decide whether to foray into a new market or develop a new product.

And research shows that surveys are incredibly effective. That is why nearly seven in 10 market researchers utilize surveys to engage with customers, according to GreenBook. Furthermore, customers want to be heard: 87% of survey respondents want to have a voice in the future of a company’s services and products, reported Vision Critical.

That is not even the beginning. Here is a short list of more ways a survey can give you the information you need to develop better business practices:

  • Ask for customer feedback to learn how you can improve your buyer’s journey or sales process.
  • Learn information about a subset of people to determine if they would be a potential target audience.
  • Accumulate trends data by disseminating the same survey annually and comparing answers.
  • Get feedback on a business idea, like a new service offering, to determine the demand.

Ciresi & Morek believes in the importance of surveys, which is why we created our own.

Shortly, you will be receiving a survey from Ciresi & Morek.  Fill it out and allow us to share our results and findings with our network.  We promise to make your participation worth your while. We will be sharing our findings in our monthly newsletter that you can sign up here, our blog posts and our Ciresi & Morek LinkedIn Page.

Again, Ciresi & Morek is the most honest executive search firm you will find.  We act as an extension of your business, working diligently to find top-tier talent for your specific needs. 

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