How a Contingent Search Could Solve Your Recruiting Needs

Many companies employ executive recruiting firms to save time, utilize expert resources, and get the best candidates for a job opening. One way to use executive recruiters is by engaging them in a contingent search.

A contingent search differs from other styles of search in a few ways:

  • Some executive recruiting firms won’t charge the entire fee until they find you a candidate, which can help those with tight budgets.
  • The recruiters typically work alongside other hiring efforts, such as internal HR departments, other recruiters, and online hiring sites.
  • It may be less expensive than other styles of search, like a retained or custom search.


Contingent searches are a good way to obtain a large number of applicants in a short time. This is especially helpful when you’re looking to hire on a tight deadline, because you can view many candidates’ resumes and conduct interviews rapidly.

Furthermore, this style of search works well when you don’t have custom search requirements—if your hiring goals are fairly standard, a contingent search could help you find the perfect candidate with a faster and more straightforward process.

Contingent searches are often conducted by multiple recruiting firms at once, and/or alongside internal hiring personnel, all who are working to identify a winning candidate. This means you can have confidence that between the various parties’ efforts to leave no stone unturned, you’re seeing all of the very best candidates that meet your hiring criteria.

Additionally, many recruiters will prepare candidates for interviews by filling them in on your company ahead of time. This saves valuable time in interviews because the candidates you bring in will better understand the job function and know helpful information about your company. Armed with that knowledge, they can better present their skills to you—and you can feel reassured that you’re having the most productive interview conversations possible.


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