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Don’t Make These 4 Interview Mistakes

By Mark Morek | June 20, 2018
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Once you’ve started to navigate the open job market, polished your resume, and applied to positions of interest, the most important step is on the horizon: the interview. We’ve conducted and heard about thousands of interviews, and nothing surprises us anymore. As bad as you think it can get, someone’s done worse. Don’t be the next…

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What to Expect in an Executive Interview

By Robert Ciresi | June 14, 2018
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Whether you’re moving up from middle management or making a lateral C-suite move to anew industry, there are some crucial aspects to remember about an executive interview. Executives are often held to a different standard than other employees and shoulder much more responsibility. To prove that you’re capable of the job, keep in mind the…

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Step by Step: How to Write an Interview Follow-up Letter

By Robert Ciresi | May 31, 2018
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A follow-up or thank-you letter is an essential piece of the interview process. In some cases, it may even make or break your chances of getting the job—if there is an equally-qualified candidate competing for the same position, employers will often choose the person who expresses the most interest in the job. Not only does…

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Is it Time to Resign? 3 Things to Consider

By Mark Morek | May 25, 2018
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Resigning from your job can be an emotional and stressful decision, but it’s usually the right one. People choose to leave their jobs for a number of reasons, but one fact remains constant: it’s common, and even encouraged, to move from one position to another throughout one’s career. In fact, the average person changes jobs 10-15 times throughout…

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Why You Should Never Accept a Counter Offer

By Robert Ciresi | May 25, 2018
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It’s not uncommon for employers, upon learning that their employee is planning to make a job change, to present a counter offer. Often, this counter offer includes a pay raise, a promise for better working conditions, or even a desirable promotion. Change is hard. Employees could be enticed with the perks their employer promises, coupled…

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Want to find a better job faster? Consider an Executive Search Firm.

By Robert Ciresi | December 4, 2017
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Are you one of the 51% of Americans actively looking for a new job or the many more who are open to new job opportunities? You may search through popular jobs sites, scour LinkedIn or attend networking events, but to no avail. Have you considered how connecting with an executive search firm could augment your efforts? Also known as…

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