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Why You Should Approach Your Next Job Interview Like a Doctor

By Mark Morek | November 20, 2018
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Job interviews are an opportunity to tell an employer all about yourself, your successes, your skills, your goals, and your desire to work for their company, right? Kind of… The best interviewees do share this information, but they do so while also aiming to solve the hiring company’s key problems. Aside from just asking questions…

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How to Find an Executive Level Job in a New City

By Mark Morek | November 8, 2018
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Hunting for a job is usually not an easy task. The struggles are multiplied when you’re searching in a new city. Before moving, you’ll be traveling for interviews and negotiating from a distance. Then, relocating (perhaps with a family)—it can be a big undertaking. If you need to relocate and find a new job, use…

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Phone Interview Tips

10 Ways to Make a Good Impression During a Phone Interview

By Mark Morek | August 28, 2018
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Many job seekers dislike phone interviews because the barrier between interviewer and interviewee can lead to talking over one another, misreading signals, and having less opportunity to gauge personality. Employers, though, see many benefits in conducting phone interviews. A key advantage is that they can quickly screen candidates before spending the time to talk in-person.…

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Cost of Living Calculators

The 4 Best Cost of Living Calculators

By Robert Ciresi | August 27, 2018
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If you’re considering relocating for a new job opportunity, you have a lot to think about. One of the highest priorities should be whether you can afford to make the move to a new city, and how the new cost of living affects you. Cost of living fluctuations can impact your rent or mortgage, commute,…

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How to Avoid Pricing Yourself Out of a Job

By Mark Morek | July 6, 2018
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During a job search, the question of salary expectations will eventually arise. For most interviewees, this is an uncomfortable conversation. Negotiating a competitive compensation can be tricky, and one obstacle interviewees face is setting their salary requirements higher than what the organization is willing to pay. In other words, pricing themselves out of the job. Salary negotiation…

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6 Things a Recruiter Looks for in a Resume

By Robert Ciresi | June 28, 2018
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Though you spend hours fine-tuning your resume, research shows that recruiters will typically spend only 6 seconds reading it. As executive recruiters, we see thousands of resumes—and more often than not, the resumes in our hands are incomplete or difficult to follow. These are discarded after only a few seconds. How do you keep your resume from being forgotten…

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