Beth Wozniak

Beth A. Wozniak is another woman making history and an impact in the manufacturing world.  Beth does not have a large exposure, I had to dig to find out her story.  (Someone, please interview Beth!)

Beth has a bachelor’s degree in engineering physics and an MBA from York University in Toronto, Canada.  Prior to becoming the CEO of nVent, Beth held leadership roles at Honeywell and was the SVP and President of the Electrical division at Pentair.

In May 2018, Pentair created its sequel company, nVent to take control of its electrical division which reports annual sales of $2.1 Billion.  Beth became CEO of nVent and has held this position since inception.

nVent is a company of multiple brands, some to mention are Caddy, Erico, Hoffman, RayChem, Schroff and Tracer.  These brands support major infrastructure design, development and implementation globally.  nVent is a large, publicly traded company that electrifies everything, and Beth’s mission is make sure that it is innovative, well made and safe.

To learn more about Beth Wozniak and her extensive knowledge about nVent (a company that literally lights up the globe safely), please click here.


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