Barbara Humpton


Barbara Humpton is the CEO of Siemens USA, which was found in 1847 in Berlin, Kingdom of Prussia (now Germany).  Siemens AG is the multinational conglomerate and the largest industrial manufacturing company in Europe with its headquarters in Munich, Germany.   Siemens AG is in the Top 10 of IT Companies in the world. 

Siemens employs 360,000 people worldwide and reported a global revenue of $68 Billion USD in 2021, ranked #47 in Fortune’s Global 500.  From rail services to a bit (smallest form of data storage), Siemens is designing, innovating and manufacturing products for business partners to household consumers.  This corporation is a giant in the world market and Barbara Humpton leads the US operations and has done so for almost 10 years.

Barbara is a true leader and was rewarded The CEO Forum’s Group 2021 Transformative CEO Award in the Category of Communication for her podcast, The Optimistic Outlook.  She has raised the bar in communications, to see more of her podcasts, click here.

An innovator, a mathematician and a CEO, Barbara continues to “WOW” us daily.  To read a great interview with Barbara, please click here.


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