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One Powerful Way to Attract Top Talent

By Mark Morek | January 30, 2019
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You know your company is a great place to work. You have a smart, driven team, you reach annual goals, and the business is successful. So why can’t you seem to recruit the top talent you’re looking for? It could have something to do with your company culture. If you have a great company culture,…

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How to Know if a Custom Executive Search is Right for You

By Mark Morek | January 15, 2019
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One of the services an executive recruiter can perform for clients, along with retained and contingent searches, is a custom search. Contingent searches are typically less expensive than other types of searches, happen alongside other recruiting efforts, and don’t cost anything until the appropriate candidate is identified. For that reason, they’re often best-suited for finding…

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How to Answer “Tell Me About Yourself” in an Interview

By Mark Morek | January 7, 2019
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Most executives have interview experience that spans years of professional meetings. However, no matter how many interviews you’ve participated in, one question always seems to stump people. It’s often the first question an interviewer asks: “So, tell me about yourself.” Delivering a poor response to this question can start the interview off on a bad…

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It’s Time to Rethink the Executive Cover Letter

By Mark Morek | December 20, 2018
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It’s true: cover letters have faced some harsh criticism in the recent past. Plenty of people claim that recruiters and hiring managers won’t even read a submitted cover letter. There are some stats to back this up: Almost half of job seekers opted not to submit a cover letter in their most recent job application.…

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When to Hire an Executive Recruiting Firm

By Mark Morek | December 6, 2018
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Executive recruiting firms can be excellent assets to your company. Not only do they take the time to develop an intimate understanding of your organization and its needs, executive recruiters can become trusted business partners that help you reach your hiring goals. But how do you know if your company needs the services of an…

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Why You Should Approach Your Next Job Interview Like a Doctor

By Mark Morek | November 20, 2018
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Job interviews are an opportunity to tell an employer all about yourself, your successes, your skills, your goals, and your desire to work for their company, right? Kind of… The best interviewees do share this information, but they do so while also aiming to solve the hiring company’s key problems. Aside from just asking questions…

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