Alicia Boler-Davis

Alicia Boler-Davis started her career in August 1994 at General Motors in Arlington, Texas.  After various positions at GM, Alicia left after 25 years to become the Senior Vice President Global Fulfillment for Amazon in April 2019.

With a Chemical Engineering degree from Northwestern University and constantly educating herself while working for General Motors, Alicia drove a new vehicle program while managing the plant that produced the new Chevrolet Sonic.  This is one highlight of her career at General Motors, she has many accomplishments in the Automotive World.

In 2018, prior to her departure at General Motors, Davis lead 165,000 employees at 159 sites in 20 countries.  In the same year, Alicia was awarded the 2018 Black Engineer of the Year Award from the Council of Engineering Deans of the historically Black Colleges and UniversitiesShe was the sixth women to receive this award. 

By 2019,  Alicia left General Motors and became part of the S-Team at Amazon (CEO’s inner advisors).  By 2020, with the pandemic, Alicia’s role was to design, create and implement the new Covid protocols, oversee the expansion of new facilities and to drive employee wellness & safety programs.  To read more about Alicia Boler-Davis work at Amazon, please click here.

A trailblazer (excuse the pun), and a true Leading Customer & Employee Advocate for two of the largest companies in the world,  a quick interview of Alicia Boler-Davis as the  Senior VP at GM, click here.


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