5 Aspects of an Exceptional Executive Recruiting Firm: Why U.S. Steel Chose Ciresi & Morek

Executive recruiting firms can be the answer to any company’s hiring needs. They work closely with companies to determine:

  • Where to find the best candidates for open positions.
  • How candidates’ personalities and backgrounds would align with the hiring company.
  • What candidates—and hiring companies—need to prepare for the best possible interview.
  • If unique hiring needs exist and, if so, how to account for them.

And that’s only the beginning. When you decide it’s time to hire an executive search firm, ensure you’re getting the greatest value by identifying these five attributes.

1. A range of service offerings.

Top-tier executive recruiting firms don’t pigeonhole their clients. They offer a range of services to fit unique needs, including a custom recruiting option. If a retained or contingent search isn’t quite right for your circumstances, choose a recruiting firm that’s willing to work with you and define a scope of services to suit your needs perfectly.

2. A tried-and-true process.

Choose an executive recruiting firm whose process is vetted and perfected over years of experience. For example, Ciresi & Morek’s collective 75 years in the recruiting industry led to developing this proven process:

  1. Lay the recruitment groundwork by understanding your needs and recommending a strategy.
  2. Deliver the perfect candidates through expert methods.
  3. Finalize your candidate pool by assisting in interview coordination, checking references, and providing post-interview support.
  4. Provide negotiation and post-recruitment assistance, such as mediating negotiations.

3. A deep knowledge of your industry.

The executive recruiting firm you select should have extensive background and knowledge of your industry. There’s no better way to separate the true professionals than by simply probing for their thoughts on the current marketplace for talent and opportunities in your industry—the experts will amaze you with their insights.

4. A company culture aligned with results.

An executive recruiting firm’s company culture, mission and vision should be results-oriented and display dedication to success. For example, Ciresi & Morek’s mission statement is:

“To serve our customers with unmatched excellence, seeking always to anticipate their needs.”

And our company culture rewards candor, integrity, and results. That’s why we have a 98% repeat customer rate.

5. A key differentiator.

Ask the executive recruiting firms you’re considering how they differentiate themselves from the competition. When they impress you with their proven unique value proposition, you’ve found an exceptional firm.

As an example, Ciresi & Morek is differentiated by our integrity, broad network, tenacity, and the fact that we value our relationships with customers and candidates alike. That is why our clients often return as candidates, or vice versa. As one client noted:

“I’ve worked with Robert and Mark on both sides of the recruiting equation. They take the time to truly understand the job qualification requirements and prescreen candidates to make sure there is a solid fit. I’ve found them to be a strong partner in creating a win/win situation for the employer and the candidate. Their professionalism is exemplary in the industry.” — Vice President of OPEX & Quality, Associated Materials

The Advantage of an Exceptional Executive Recruiting Firm

Ciresi & Morek believes in working diligently to be an executive recruiting firm of distinction. Recently, we engaged in an ongoing agreement with U.S. Steel, a leader in the global steel industry with offices across the world.

Are you ready to experience the advantage of a truly exceptional executive recruiting firm? Let’s talk about your needs.

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