4 Smart Ways to Market an Executive Job Opening

Hiring an executive-level employee creates some unique challenges. You can’t rely on career fairs to find talent, and the flashy amenities that attract entry-level hires may not apply. Plus, some of the best fits may not be actively seeking a career move.

So, how do you market an executive job opening effectively? Here are four recommendations.


Let employees know you are hiring, as long as the opening isn’t confidential. This gives them the opportunity to apply and allows them to share the opening on their own. Many companies find their best talent by encouraging employees to recommend someone.

Include the top three to five job responsibilities and qualifications in the announcement so it is easy for employees to understand the role at a glance and identify a candidate they may know. Make it easy for employees to promote the opening online by drafting language they can copy and paste to share on LinkedIn or other social media platforms.


This is the ideal opportunity to take stock of your involvement in professional organizations, online networks, alumni associations, and industry special interest groups.

For example, you can announce the job opening at an industry networking function or share it on an alumni group job board. Include your contact information so interested parties can contact you directly to ask questions, especially if they require discretion.


Advertising is a great way to get an opportunity in front of a potential candidate, as long as that advertisement is targeted. Don’t waste your budget pushing an opportunity to the masses—that approach will ultimately bog you down with unqualified applicants.

Target candidates with matching skills or job titles by using platforms with easy targeting, such as LinkedIn. Remember that this is an investment and requires time to maintain and follow up with new leads. If you can’t dedicate the appropriate resources, it may not be the best option for you.


To alleviate the pressure of finding a candidate and to tap into a wider network, hire an executive recruiter. Executive recruiting firms have a deep network of qualified executives who may be the perfect fit. They’ll take the time to understand your needs, vet candidates, and find a match you otherwise could have missed.

Contact the executive recruiters at Ciresi & Morek to find the best fit for your open position.

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