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Job Title City State Total Compensation Contact
Plant Manager Scranton PA $160,000 Aaron Zupan
Director of Operations Philadelphia PA $250,000 + LTIP Mark Morek
Division Controller Los Angeles CA $225,000 Richard Crew
Executive Director of EHS Newport Beach CA Commensurate with Experience Joe Monteiro
Controller Spartanburg OH $160,000 Ben Evans
Manufacturing Operations Manager Raleigh NC $130,000 Richard Crew
Director of Procurement Wooster OH $120,000 Joe Monteiro
Materials Manager Rockford IL $115,000 Joe Monteiro
Director of Quality Detroit MI $175,000 Ben Evans
Manufacturing Engineering Manager Detroit MI $140,000 Aaron Zupan
Operations Manager Akron OH $130,000 Richard Crew
Production Supervisor Cleveland OH $65,000 Curt Judy
Plant Manager Sandusky OH $175,000 Richard Crew
Site Controller South Charleston WV $170,000 Ben Evans
Controller Dayton OH $170,000 Richard Crew
Director of Quality Wooster OH $150,000 Curt Judy
Director of Sales Akron OH Commensurate with Experience Joe Monteiro
Vice President of Human Resources Cleveland OH Commensurate with Experience Robert Ciresi
Vice President of Finance Detroit MI $300,000 Robert Ciresi
Maintenance Supervisor Dayton OH $90,000 Aaron Zupan
Quality Engineer Cleveland OH $80,000 Curt Judy
General Manager Fort Wayne IN $300,000 Robert Ciresi
General Manager Detroit OH $300,000 Robert Ciresi
Director of Operations Kansas City KS $250,000 Mark Morek
Director of Operations Dallas TX $250,000 Mark Morek
Plant Manager Rogers AR $225,000 Curt Judy
Maintenance Manager Cleveland OH $100,000 Aaron Zupan
Director of Operations St. Louis MO $250,000 Mark Morek
Plant Manager Los Angeles CA $275,000 Richard Crew
Controller Ann Arbor MI $170,000 Ben Evans
Controller Birmingham AL $170,000 Ben Evans
Maintenance Manager Edison NJ $120,000 Richard Crew
Maintenance Manager Charlotte NC $100,000 Richard Crew
Continuous Improvement Manager Piqua OH $110,000 Aaron Zupan
Director of Quality Akron OH $150,000 Curt Judy
Human Resources Manager Chattanooga TN $120,000 Ben Evans
Maintenance Supervisor Edison NJ $85,000 Aaron Zupan
Manufacturing Engineering Manager State College PA $125,000 Ben Evans
General Manager Dayton OH $300,000 Robert Ciresi
Plant Manager Chicago IL $250,000 Curt Judy
Manufacturing Engineer Holland MI $90,000 Joe Monteiro
Plant Manager Charlotte NC $145,000 Richard Crew
Division Controller Philadelphia PA $200,000 Mark Morek
Quality Manager Charlotte NC $85,000 Ben Evans
Senior Process Engineer Romulus MI $125,000 Curt Judy
Production Supervisor Cincinnati OH $75,000 Richard Crew
Quality Manager Greensboro NC $120,000 Curt Judy
Quality Manager Erie PA $140,000 Curt Judy
Regional Safety Manager Houston TX $130,000 Richard Crew
Automations Engineer Cleveland OH $100,000 Aaron Zupan
Quality Manager Novi MI $135,000 Ben Evans